Research at the IFAC

Research at the Federative Institute of Behavioral Addictions addresses all behavioral addictions. The Institute develops research based on topics studied in each of its three centers: the Reference Center on Excessive Gambling (CRJE), the Reference Center on Excessive Food and Sports Habits(CRESA) and the Reference Center on Emotional, Sexual and Sectarian Dependencies (CRDASS).



The goals established by the research team are to understand better the determining factors of behavioral addictions, risk factors associated and protection factors against them.
The researchers also hope to open up therapeutic possibilities, through the assessment of various addiction medical cares.


The team

The research team of the IFAC is composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical research engineers and of clinical studies technicians.


The missions

This team establishes the research protocols (whether clinical and/or experimental), responds to calls for projects to obtain public or private funding, ensures that the studies are properly conducted, and analyzes the results with the assistance of bio-statisticians from the University of Nantes.
In order to promote their work, they communicate during congresses or through the publication of articles in scientific journals.


The scientific and educational council

Its function is to support the conduct of research work on behavioral addictions.

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